Big D has been established in Malta in 2013.

The company begun as designer and prototype study of new concept of vessels.

The sea and the sun of Malta lead to innovative studies and today we specified into 3D applications and hypalon prototypes.

In 2015 the company assisted different rhib companies for which have been studied 3 patented design and a first 3D configurator.

In 2016 Big D acquires a workshop in Torino where the inflatables are designed, prototyped and produced.

In 2018 Big D has been selected for various innovation program awards on the Maltese island as Emerging Innovator and Innovation and Technology.

Capt. Baraggioli

Italian, 35 yo


Daniele is the CEO founder of Big D.

Since young age attracted by new technologies and design, graduated in scientific and technology.

The Maltese archipelago lead the interest to nautical field and maturity to Captain.

“Innovation distinguishes between the leader and the follower”.

Dr. Dullaghan 

Irish, 36 yo

senior developer 

Stephen is CEO and founder of JUST SOME
CODING LTD as well as partner of BIG D Malta.

Senior developer in:
iPhone/Android Apps
Mobile/Web Development
3D Solutions

“Meeting Daniel has added a refreshing perspective to our projects together".

Dr. Jaziri 

Tunisian, 32 yo

3D designer 

Hatem is CEO of PERPIX.

Based in the warmest Sousse, Perpix cooperates with Big D since the beginning. 

Hatem is a 3D teacher and master in internal architecture, and public events. 

“When Daniel comes out with one of his ideas, the worst thing that can happen is that he realizes it”.